The Centre

WN7 Fitness Centre

WN7 Fitness Centre is situated by the former Victorian Technical College and Library, built in 1892. The building is built in red brick and is an embodiment of our philosophy of handwork, grit, determination, and a fundamental part of our communities identity.

Our Equipment

With a balanced blend of state-of-the-art machines and industry standard free weights to specialist training equipment tailored to your needs, WN7 Fitness Centre are well prepared to ensure your journey to becoming a champion or a better you is in place.

Battle Ropes

Free Weights

Air/Watt Bikes, Treadmills & Cross Trainers

Tractor Tyres

Our Facilities

Free Parking

Changing Rooms

Getting To The Centre

Travelling by Car

Turn left off the one way Railway Road on to Coniston Street, then left into Coniston Yard. Free Parking is available on the Car Park off Langdale Street, please do not park on double yellow lines. Enter via the exterior stairway and use the first white door.

Travelling by Bus

Use one of the below services, alight at the ‘Railway Road’ stop.

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  • Unit 3 Coniston Yard, Leigh WN7 1XH

  • 07355 839 002